Denisse Juliana



Vote Plug

Campaign Video promoting St. John's University Student Goverment Ticket, the PLUG. 

By Denisse Juliana Jimenez

Resident Assistant Commercial

Commercial video for Residence Life at St. John's University. 

By Denisse Juliana Jimenez

Sustain Launch Party 

This video is coverage from the Sustain Launch Party.

By Denisse Juliana Jimenez

Mujeristas Collective 

Denisse's is a videographer and content creator for Mujeristas Collective. These are some of the contect videos she has done for MJ. 




"David’s infatuation with Penelope creates a battle between reality and daydreams. This consumes his state of mind leading him to confront his own guilt while Penelope suffers the consequences of his actions. In a dark twist of reality, we see the inner-working of David’s mind."
Incubus was written, directed, and co-produced by Denisse. The film is corrently being submitted to film festivals which is why is not public. If you would like to see it, please contact Denisse.

Journey of Enrichment

Documentary about Richard Martinez

By Denisse Juliana Jimenez


The purpose of this short was to capture the feeling of hopelessness. 

By Denisse Juliana Jimenez